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Show 110: Divine Providence

In this episode we discuss Divine Providence

We call by the name of divine providence God's preservation and government of the world. - God maintains the world, i.e., He preserves all creatures in existence as long as He wills..

- God governs the world, i.e., He conducts all things in the world, so that they contribute to His glory and to our advantage.

- For this reason a pious Christian should resign himself en tirely to the will of God.

How are the Misfortunes of the Good and the Prosperity of the Wicked to be Reconciled with the Providence of God ?

- No sinner has true happiness, and no servant of God true misery. For true happiness is impossible without inner peace and contentment; and this is possessed by the true servant of God, but not by the sinner.

- Moreover the good fortune of the sinner is for the most part only transitory.

- The real recompense of man only begins after death.

- Sinners are rewarded on this earth for the little good that they have done. The just on the other hand are for the most part punished in this life for the evil they have done.

How is Sin to be Reconciled with the Providence of God?

- It is not God Who is responsible for sin and its consequences, but man's wrong use of his free will. - God in His wisdom employs even sin for a good end.

- Besides, it does not become us to pry into the secret designs of God; we poor miserable creatures must adore His wisdom and submit ourselves humbly to what He ordains.

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