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Show 112: The Angels

In this episode we discuss the nature of angels, what they are and how we are to relate to them. This is a very important episode that could really help with dialogue between Catholics and Protestants.

1. The angels are pure spirits. 2. All the angels whom God created were, at the beginning, in the grace of God and well pleasing to Him. But many of the angels sinned through pride, and were cast down by God into hell forever (2 Pet. ii. 4). 3. The evil angels are our enemies; they envy us, seek to lead us to sin, and can, with God's permission, injure us in our bodies, or in our worldly goods. 4. The angels who remained faithful to God behold the face of God continually and sing His praises. 5. The holy angels are also called guardian angels, because they watch over us (Heb. i. 14).

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